How to Use Floodcrm.net Bomber/Flooder
Invite Link: Https://floodcrm.net/?ref_id=11313
1. Signup using referal link above.
2. Click balance on top right.
3. Click "Bitcoin" unless using Webmoney.
4. Copy+Paste btc address amount to notepad to pay to.
5. Open btc wallet & pay it. *Note: Other than minimum requirement, you choose how much.*
6. Once btc confirms & is in your balance, you're ready.
7. At the top left click either "Email Flood", "Phone flood" or "SMS Flood".
8. On this page, you'll see pricing for flooding per 1,000 sends.
9. To left/middle page slightly above middle, enter the info to bomb/flood.
10. When ready, start it. You'll see cost before paying next to same boxes.
11. Page will refresh & should be now displaying the current task & related info.
+"Work Time" is length you want it to run/take to complete. HH:MM (Hours:Minutes)
+Earn balance/credit or cashout to btc wallet from referrals that load their accounts.