Personal Notes / Thoughts

~Different JB prompts often, if not always, can inspire different results and outputs even if using same prompt. Try out different ones to fit your preference.

*Ofc prolly better ways / wording but this is stuff I’m figuring out through a good bit of random trial and error and testing.

-Make sure to start your replies off with something like “modify the script further to *” (replacing * with whatever modifications you want. )

- When using it for coding scripts and such, I’m finding it can help to do/say to it things like:

“Is it complete?” - After it finishes displaying supposed complete code.

“Verify the syntax of the last script”

“How can it be further improved?”

(When you want the suggestions it makes added, say something like “modify it further to include or implement the suggestions listed.)

-Ask it to write an outline for the full script with plans to write the code step by step in detail keeping in mind you don’t know coding at all.

-Theory: I’d imagine would work well also if you label each separate script should you approach writing it with AI in sections, so you can reference them by label when making changes at all. Then it won’t guess, in case ever you use a word that sets it off track.