GC Number Generating

1. Visit the website below:

2. Take note of your gift card pattern. For example, "World of Beer: 19550000185763".

3. Remove the last 5 digits from the card number. In this case, remove "85763".

4. On the website, locate the box labeled "Prefix" and enter the pattern from the giftcard being used. Such as 1955000001.

5. In the "Pad" box, enter "9999" (without quotes).

6. Checkmark the box for generating the list.

7. Click on the "Generate" button. A list of generated numbers will be displayed.

8. Copy the generated list and paste it into a notepad or text editor.

9. Open the website below:

10. Since the website only allows processing 100 numbers at a time, copy the first 100 lines from your generated list.

11. Paste the copied numbers into the box on the website.

12. Click on the "Calculate Checksum" button to generate the checksum for the numbers.

13. The website will display the list on the left side of the screen, along with spacing and a single digit.

14. Copy all the numbers from the left side of the screen to a notepad, removing any brackets and spacing.

15. Append the single digit (spacing) to the end of each card number.

16. To verify if you followed the steps correctly, click the "Verify" button on the website. If done correctly, you'll see green check marks.

*Note: Not all giftcard providers use luhn validation for their numbers. Need to check existing valid numbers with a luhn validator such as linked above to see.